Raktų ieškiklį

Raktų ieškiklį
Raktų ieškiklį Raktų ieškiklį Raktų ieškiklį
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Do you often lose your keys? Finally, there's a solution to this problem. Here comes the OkKey key finder keyring at Dovanasau! Thanks to its simple and discreet design, this key finder will prevent you from panicking when you need to leave and don't remember where you left your keys. It's a classic!

Activate the OkKey key finder keyring with a whistle and it will start to emit sounds so you can find it. Pip, pip, pip, your keys are here! In addition, it will use a red LED light signal which is very useful in the dark. OkKey has a button to use the light as a torch to open the door at night.

This key finder keyring is not only interesting and practical, but also an excellent gift idea to surprise anyone. You probably know more than one person who needs this amazing key finder!

No more dramas about lost keys! Put an end to the nightmare and get this whistle, the best keyring for you not to lose your keys!

  • Colour: white with metallic grey details

  • Measures approx. 3 x 5 x 1 cm

  • Requires a CR2016 battery (included)